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Research and Development as a constant value for CIEM MADA has been an integral part of its history and evolution. It is the key to its success and has allowed the Group to assume a leadership role in technology at the worldwide level.

Innovation permeates the entire business system in addition to being fostered by organizational structures, processes and support systems. It is also stimulated by individual capabilities, by continuous valorization and training of personnel. It has become our work culture and environment.

The innovative ideas that spring forth constitute precious shared assets that are applied in industrial areas and products and services created and aimed at increasing competitiveness and the capability of meeting customer needs.

Even all in-house passages such as construction, assembly, testing at costumer's premises and training is qualified and monitored.

In Ciem Mada everything is carefully checked and verified.

Recent successes include:

  • AGV, Ems and skillet systems with contacless tecnology.
  • AGV, Ems and skillet systems governed by WIFI control boxes.
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