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We are fully aware at CIEM MADA that the human resources are the most valuable factor in a company, and for this reason we have a well-nourished group of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We require technical background and wide experience as essential qualities to be part of the team of professionals that form CIEM MADA, since they are one of the best warranties for our products and services.

Each project for each client is managed, planned and technically directed by a qualified and experienced project team, which will render an optimal service and attention for the fulfilment of our clients objectives and requirements, regarding quality, time and safety, as well as production.

Our engineering department is divided in three sections: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering, where we have highly qualified and experienced engineers, who use the latest technologies and software tools for 2D and 3D mechanical, electrical and programming design.

Our qualified personnel dedicated to the pre-assembly, assembly, commissioning and installation of mechanical, electrical and programming devices carries out its work verifying to the last detail its adjustment and perfect operation, always complying with our Working Hazards Prevention Management System, the current legislation and the specific regulations in our clients facilities.

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